2020 predictions for healthcare IT

Six experts in the industry share their view of technology changing the heat field in 2020.75 percent of healthcare enterprises planning to execute an AI strategy next year.

Dr. Michalis Papadakis, CEO, and Co-Founder of Brainomix
says AI is as effective as an expert doctor to read scans. There will be greater recognition next year of the value of AI in augmenting human performance.

Charles Taylor, Founder, HeartFlow
For me, 2020 will accelerate the development of the digital healthcare industry; a hybrid sector where medicine and cutting-edge technology converge to propel patient care forward- says Charles Taylor.

Dr. Steven Chance, CEO at Oxford Brain Diagnostics
Says the national support to create more holistic systems of brain health and screening would demystify the brain, reduce the fear of dementia, and ensure that patients and families can intervene earlier in their life.

Other three experts like
Director of Research & Innovation at Cambridge Cognition
Eyal Gura, CEO, and Co-Founder, Zebra Medical Vision
Mario Nacinovich, Global Head, communications & marketing, AiCure

have also shared their view. Read in detail what each of these experts says about 2020 predictions for healthcare IT visit the link below.