2025 Healthcare Technology: Great Disruption of Healthcare

Healthcare technology in India and APAC, as worldwide, is reaching an inflection point where it is poised to disrupt an industry that has stubbornly avoided getting disrupted.

Many industries that were disrupted by technology continued to think that they could not be disrupted. Even technology products like the early smartphone (BlackBerry etc) thought they were on top of their game and failed to see trends already visible in their industries (like touch interface and apps) that we’re ultimately going to disrupt them.

Countries like India are ripe candidates for disruption due to three main reasons:

  1. An educated and technology aware critical population mass.
  2. The economic imperative to shortcut and leapfrog the incremental growth process,
  3. A reasonably well developed non-risk averse entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Few technology trends, some of which are decades old and available, which are very likely to disrupt the healthcare delivery space over the coming decade in India and Asia.


These EMRs will have virtual ICU and patient portal tasks allowing the physician to view critical patient information remotely (and give treatment orders) and the patient to book his visit remotely, and also to consult a doctor, remotely via video conference, and pay for ordered laboratory (with home sample collection) and ordered medicines (with home delivery).

The patient carries his ICD coded medical problem list, diagnosis results, pictures, medication lists, allergies, and past discharge summaries on his smartphone through the patient portal.

As adoption increases, Indian patient algorithms can guide us to new treatment paradigms over a few years and shorten the cycle of treatment development from a few decades to a few years.
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