3 Reasons telehealth is here to stay

The issue is not whether telemedicine has a future, but rather how ubiquitous it can move forward in our healthcare system.
Telemedicine will continue, become a permanent therapeutic choice for patient care.

1.Technology continues to improve:
progress in healthcare IT progresses quicker than most of us appreciate, and the pandemic has inspired telehealth businesses to work much harder for doctors and patients to make their products easier and more efficient. Over the next few years, I expect to see even more developments in virtual care tools.

2. Reimbursement and Regulation:
While the telemedicine reimbursement mechanism remains somewhat unclear for providers, it is inevitable that insurance firms will be forced to adjust to and reimburse the increasing demand for these appointments.

The development of permanent telemedicine programmes for patients living in rural areas or who actually want to receive virtual treatment is likely to begin with healthcare organisations. Telemedicine protections for Medicare applicants have also been extended beyond Covid-19, but the majority of private insurance providers are expected to follow suit.

3. Health Equity:
Health care coverage is not uniformly dispersed in the United States, and telehealth will help fill the gaps completely. For example, the closest clinic could be hours away for those in remote areas, but with telemedicine, patient location is much less of an issue.

In addition , increased progress in telemedicine platforms has now made it possible for patients to simply use a smartphone to communicate with their physicians, where a broadband internet link was previously needed. Many Black, Hispanic and other underserved Americans own smartphones, allowing a wide variety of telemedicine facilities to be accessed by these patients. Increased access is essential to bridging for all Americans the digital divide in healthcare. Read More In Source