3D printed bionic arms are one of the latest advancements

What are the new Bionic arms advancements?

Losing a hand can be devastating and the functional disabilities following the loss of a hand can have disastrous consequences, both personally and professionally, unlike losing a leg.

A hand amputee would have been condemned to a hook prosthesis that had minimal function and held considerable social stigma a few hundred years ago.


However, recent developments in technology include a substitute hand for a hand amputee that replicates a whole host of typical hand functions and appears strikingly life-like. Bionic hands that look futuristic are also opted for by some consumers.

The newest bionic hands are now equipped with advanced pattern recognition algorithms to achieve a wide range of functional grips such as strength, precision near, adaptive, tripod etc. for individual finger control. These hands are estimated at 30-65 lakhs per hand. One of the recent developments in the bionic industry is 3D printed bionic weapons.

Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/medical-devices/3d-printed-bionic-arms-are-one-of-the-latest-advancements-in-the-bionic-industrypranav-vempati-ceo-and-co-founder-makers-hive/80472005

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