4baseCare, ACTREC-TMC to develop a clinical decision-making tool based on AI

The partnership aims to create an indigenous platform to produce data insights and streamlined reports to guide oncologists to treat cancer patients with personalised care options. According to a press release, ClinOme is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) based automated tool developed by Dr Amit Dutt, Dr Pratik Chandrani and Dr Kumar Prabhash by senior scientists and clinicians from ACTREC and Tata Memorial Hospital for the analysis of raw NGS data followed by detailed clinical report production.

Quality check, primary, secondary and tertiary review of raw NGS data followed by report generation is reportedly automated, which can be easily understood by clinicians. For each sensitive and resistant genotype-drug combination, it offers easy to interpret categorisation of genomic alterations along with accepted and experimental therapeutic options.

To implement ClinOme, we are very pleased to partner with ACTREC TMC. The aim of this partnership is to enhance the process of treatment and improve the quality of life of patients. This collaboration is a first step in the creation of an innovative ecosystem where researchers and clinicians work together to create a solution that provides patients with immediate translational benefits,’ said Kshitij Rishi, COO, 4baseCare.

At 4baseCare, we are excited to build on the outstanding research-based product built by ACTREC-TMC as a comprehensive AI-driven platform to help oncologists in their clinical decision-making," said 4baseCare CEO Hitesh Goswami, 4baseCare."