5 things hospitals should consider before implementing new tech

Ohn Glaser, PhD, a Boston-based Harvard Medical School executive in residence and former CIO of Boston-based Partners Healthcare (now Mass General Brigham), developed a list of five hospitals that should consider deliberations before introducing new technologies.

Dr. Glaser said that hospitals should discuss the following in a Nov. 12 article he wrote for Harvard Business Review:

  • New technology is obsolete unless it aligns with the digital transformation goals of the healthcare organisation.

  • In one or two sentences, a healthcare institution should be able to clarify why the new tool would bring significant improvements.

  • Technology suppliers should be checked to ensure that they are open, that they can adequately clarify what their instrument is doing and that their end of the deal is upheld.

  • Pilot checks are imperative. Evaluating how emerging technologies are used in a healthcare organisation before the full launch is completed enables inefficiencies and errors to be resolved before becoming a sweeping problem.

  • A individual, unit or department should periodically review technology to ensure that digital transformation is on track, depending on the size of a healthcare organisation. Source