8 must-know lessons from telehealth's new normal

Experts from NIST, FCC, Mount Sinai, Yale, Leapfrog and others provide expertise on demand, from the management of cybersecurity imperatives for at-home patients as a new X factor, to surfing the data tsunami of remote patient monitoring.

  • How to manage the new “data tsunami”
  • How to shore up telehealth cybersecurity
  • How to optimize RPM for physicians
  • How to cultivate clinician buy-in
  • How to engage patients for pop health
  • How CIOs can help shape strategy
  • How to train employees for the new normal
  • How to navigate a new policy landscape

How to manage the new “data tsunami”

In response to the pandemic, as providers raced to launch new telehealth systems, many were not equipped to handle the upsurge of new data and new data forms, flowing into their electronic health records, and many still are not. We talked about the data management challenges raised by remote care delivery with HIMSS Senior Director of Health Information Systems Rob Havasy.

How to shore up telehealth cybersecurity

With new technologies and data sources to safeguard and new obligations on both the patient and supplier side, virtual care raises distinct privacy and security risk factors that need to be handled.

How to optimize RPM for physicians

Dr. Bruce Darrow, CMIO at Mount Sinai Health System; Samantha Herold, Yale New Haven Health clinical engineer; and Bryce Ell, Norman Regional Health System telehealth manager, identify some of the change management techniques that can help clinicians around the organisation accept the new telehealth and remote patient monitoring realities and new technology and adapt enthusiastic patient monitoring techniques

How to cultivate clinician buy-in

Telehealth expansion provides the ability, if appropriately applied, to achieve certain broad population health goals. In this webinar, Silas Buchanan, CEO of the Institute for eHealth Equity; Dr. Chris Gibbons, Federal Communications Commission’s Chief Health Innovation Advisor; Cindy Gaines, RN, Philips’ Chief Nursing Officer; and Dr. Stacy Lindau, MD, NowPow’s founder, explore how connected care is enhancing health equity initiatives and how patients and community groups can be engaged to build on Read More From Source