A new paradigm is needed in healthcare

India is no exception in that both the infrastructure and the service component of healthcare have continually reduced investments in thought and budgets.

The state has retreated in the sector over the years while encouraging the private sector to invest by providing the infrastructure with prime land parcels in many cases.

Whatever the rationale may have been, the current COVID 19 pandemic clearly set out the woeful state of the healthcare sector and reinforced the point that both people, as well as healthcare infrastructure, are a key dissuasive capability against pandemics such as the one we are witnessing.
It requires infrastructure investments, human expertise, innovation all at a cost that is sustainable for a country like India.

These needs are served by doctor hospitals, diagnostic chains, diagnostic centers that are and should be like a neighborhood medical facility across the length and breadth of India and your first call port.

The investment interest here is higher, and the State as investor and operator will play a key role. The present has seen no State investment in these facilities and this needs to be a main place to look at.It’s the management of these institutes rather than the investment that is likely to be a key problem for the state.

There is much more to be discussed but infrastructure, human resources and, of course, governance are the key issues.

The affordability of health care ranks very high in the mindset of the population and that is why the State must play a greater role than the private sector, whose primary motive is profit, and not to forget the advancement of the health insurance sector, which is key to affordability.

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