AI was approved for vascular ultrasound scans

To carry out automated analysis and reports of vascular ultrasound scans, Singapore Health Sciences Agency has embraced using artificial intelligence (AI) software developed by See-Mode Technologies.

The application taps deep learning, text recognition, and signal processing technologies to help clinicians interpret such images – a task that typically is performed manually, time-consuming, and error-prone.

See-Mode said it’s AVA software could generate an analysis report in under a minute, after which the clinician would review the report and make any relevant tweaks before confirming the final report.

See-Mode also targeted in the prediction of stroke and determine the best course of treatment for patients. Discuss your view upon AI in ultrasound scan how beneficial it’s going to be?

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I think this will save time and reduce errors. Where more patients will be treated per day. This types of devices always plays effective part in healthcare.

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This provides a layer of quality improvement to ensure that optimal patient care is being delivered.

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