As Covid-19 hounds the world, AI and IoT lead the charge in Healthcare 4.0

The integration of medical “things”—smart devices with built-in sensors and smart algorithms, mHealth apps, and connected technologies — proves to be crucial in the fight against Covid-19 in all of this.

With data and analytics allowing direct and continuous communication with users, and natural language processing analyzing large volumes of human health data, the emphasis clearly moved ahead of cure to prevention. This will eventually allow for more automated data consolidation to leverage AI 's power in healthcare.

The role of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telemedicine in patient care is significant.

For patients with suspected Covid-19 pneumonia, a lung ultrasound built by leveraging AI and 4G/5G is an efficient point-of-care tool – it reduces the use of chest x-rays and CT scans.

IoT – the advantages outweigh the challenges

Specially during the pandemic, healthcare costs are shooting through the roof, and a reduction in unnecessary visits to doctors, hospital stays and re-admissions and home treatment greatly reduces healthcare costs.

As a comprehensive and predictive system, healthcare IoT calls for a move from cost-based to value-based healthcare, thus strengthening current B2B plays and incorporating new B2C strategies. Read More