Attention of this social media Jargon towards healthcare

Facebook has enlisted the help of health experts to make this happen.

Is it going at it alone or other players involved ?
Do facebook contain enough data to do this ?
What does it mean to investors ?

In the press release, the social media company said it realizes many people do not have health insurance

To help these users get affordable care

preventative health awareness
And so on…

Its big question what if people have trust issues with sharing personal information like health data in social media when facebook itself seen mismanagement of data in the past .

Share your views regarding this

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i think It might be good.Since many users are in face book this idea will be beneficial.These days all are busy with their jobs where awareness of health importance have gone down .


Social media can definitely play a major role in creating awareness about healthcare, helping people to maintain a personal health check schedule, etc. But when it comes to getting insurance involving sharing of personal information people will have to give a second thought.