Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Industry - What are your thoughts on this?

Virtual and Augmented Reality is set to revolutionize the Healthcare industry. More life sciences companies are using augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality to bring new therapies to life by combining virtual and physical worlds.

What are your thoughts on bringing these technology-driven solutions in the healthcare industry?


Healthcare industry has already started the adoption of technology driven solution in many parts of its operations like IOT, IT, Advanced equipment for treatment, etc…

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality also ready to enter healthcare industry where it has already been used in various developed countries for certain process. I think these technology will help to educate healthcare professional on certain aspects of patient handling and machine handling like training , to use them. But still the physical touch is needed at the end of the training to make them comfortable, working with the patient and machines.This could also be used to create a desirable environment virtually to the patients in order to make them comfortable especially for children and elder people.

Overall these technology driven solution like VR and Augmented reality will help healthcare industry to provide better total healthcare experience to its stakeholders.

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