Best social media influencers contest by Medreach knowledge sharing

Dear Medreach users and healthcare professionals. We are glad to announce Best Social Media Influencer contest by Medreach knowledge sharing forum.

There are only 3 ground rules you should follow for winning fabulous cash price. :dizzy: :star_struck:

STEP 1 : Log in to Medreach knowledge sharing forum give likes and initiate topic for discussion in categories mentioned in forum. :busts_in_silhouette:

STEP 2: Post about us and our contest in your social media stories (face book, instagram, what’s app) by tagging us and 3 to 5 of you friend by adding hash tag #Medreachknowledgesharing.
Reshare the post we are posting in LinkedIn by same tagging rules. (materials will be provided)

STEP 3: This is the final step which is going to show your real power in social media and how good influencer and leader you are in you organisation. :man_technologist:t2: :woman_technologist:t2:

  • By your influence there must be minimum 10 new users must have joined in the forum (work place colleagues, continue workers and friends in healthcare industry) with in 2 to 3 days of your participation. And you should have created 3 topics in forum.
  • The participants who are bringing more logins will be rewarded with amazing cash prices.*

** 10 new users, 3 topics - Rs. 300/-*
** 30 new users, 10 topics - Rs. 1500/-*
** 50 New users, 20 topics - Rs. 3000/-*

Note : All the participants and logging in users must strictly be an healthcare professionals

Give a try and win amazing cash price. :confetti_ball:
Leave a reply if you are interested.

All the very best :+1:t2:

Reach us
Instagram -Medreach.knowledgesharing
Facebook - Medreach knowledgesharing forum
Linked in - Deepika priya
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Thanks & Regards
Team Medreach


It’s cool… am intrested

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