Better EHR training in the working environment

It is difficult to provide EHR training for clinicians as up to 70% leave their employment after training, but COVID-19 has increased the stakes.

  • Following preparation, clinicians are expected to learn the user interface and new workflows of an EPR framework. Studies show, however, that retention rates can drop by up to 70 percent within just 24 hours of initial training.

  • Training team and clinical user restrictions mean that training material can not be mastered fast enough to become proficient from day one for most users. This can contribute to clinical risk-causing variables.

Delivering training and knowledge to users as they need it
It is a significant undertaking to deploy a major healthcare IT system, so it is crucial to provide users with training and information when they need it. Hospitals say that workers who have been through standard training sessions can nevertheless struggle on a regular basis to use IT programs, and that this puts pressure on help desks or contributes to sub-optimal ‘work-arounds.’

Solutions, which provides a variety of learning resources, such as fast reference guides, videos and interactive simulations, says that uPerform for Healthcare will minimise calls to the help desk and ensure that clinical technologies are used correctly by workers, helping them to gain digital confidence Read More From Source.