Biggest healthcare tech moves so far in 2019 #2

Apple Unveils ECG-enabled Watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s launch usually reveals the company’s newest gadget, but this year a new Apple Watch took the spotlight , with the company venturing on the device’s ability to detect irregular heart rhythms and other health issues.

he watch is the First wearable device with an integrated ECG monitor software that the FDA has approved . Consumers with the new Apple Watch can trigger a function by keeping a finger on the watch to detect atrial fibrillation, a common form of irregular heart rhythm. The watch’s ECG feature Notifies users if an abnormal rhythm is observed.

It will not help detect most heart rhythm abnormalities or worsening heart failure and will not reliably detect the electronic changes associated with a heart attack.

The new Apple Watch also includes a feature that Targets elderly people ; those 65 and older. A built-in tool recognizes when a user falls, and notifies their emergency contact automatically. Experts describe the device as a “game-changer” that could potentially facilitate and more regular patient monitoring. Discuss your views on this device.

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ECG watch is most needed one in these days due to lifestyle change. As mentioned, It will be most wanted one for eloderly people !

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