Biggest healthcare tech moves so far in 2019 #3

Google Acquires Healthcare Wearables Pioneer

Google also made significant progress last year in healthcare, most notably with its unveiling of acquiring Fitbit. With the resources of Google and the global network, the acquisition is predicted to speed up the company’s innovation in wearable healthcare products

Through collaborations with academic medical centers and pharmaceutical companies, FitBit has been studying applications that may potentially enable the device to detect atrial fibrillation, assess sleep quality, and track menstrual cycles among other health applications.

The deal, valued at $2.1 billion, is equipping Google with a device to compete more directly with the health care capabilities of Apple Watch. The acquisition of FitBit is expected to close in 2020, until approval by regulators and shareholders. These Big tech moves may very well soon become some of the biggest players in the healthcare space.

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