Can the UN reach universal healthcare for all by 2030?

The USA leads the way in 2022 with global spending on healthcare by 10 trillion dollars annually.

The United States spends more on health than any other country. Nonetheless, over half a million people turn to bankruptcy in the US because their medical bills are unable to pay. And there are no medical insurance for over 27 million men.

It is a kind of sign of spending a lot and much and, as you know, there are huge push for creating a universal healthcare coverage, the basic package and, indeed, you can achieve a lot with far fewer in the US

In the poorest countries, even the rudimentary treatments are not available for the weakest. However, by 2030, the UN’s objective is to “attain universal healthcare for all.”

The result of this goal would mean the absence of almost 100 millions deaths from non-communicable diseases such as heart, diabetes and cancer, as well as 20 million deaths due to premature death. Additional findings could be increased life expectancy levels from 3.1 to 8.4 years.

Will this be achieved ? How technology can help to achieve universal health care? Discuss your points upon this and universal health.

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