Challenges for Private Healthcare Service Providers

In India, private healthcare service providers are facing challenges at different levels. Few are local and few are at the national level.
Here let’s discuss which are common in nature.
First and foremost I would like to discuss, the expectations of private hospitals from the Government.
Indias budgetary provisions for healthcare.
Pan India assurance and insurance of healthcare from the government.


Hi @DRPKD During this pandemic time how budget is been handled by private sectors, will the government support the private hospitals and satisfy its expectation?

Much of the writing on regulation of private interest tends to focus on doctors and institutions. [1],[2] However, what one needs to recognize is that these interests have expanded and consolidated their presence in the various other sub-systems of the health services - such as finance, drugs, technology, medical education, nursing education, paramedical training and research. Among these there are local, regional, national and global players who are engaging with each other as allies and adversaries. They have also forged relationships with the political class at all levels. These engagements are fraught with contradictions and conflicts given the varied nature of interests in this sector. Therefore, the first challenge for regulation is the need for a systems approach to regulation while factoring in the complex interactions between the multiple actors within this sector and their engagement with the political leadership at the national, state and local levels.

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