Coronavirus vaccine tracker, $100 billion required to take vaccine to all, not even 10% raised, says the WHO

The World Health Organization announced that it required at least US $100 billion for its program to accelerate the production and manufacture of a novel Coronavirus vaccine and ensure that it is universally available to everyone.

In April of this year, the WHO launched the Access to Covid-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator program aimed at accelerating the growth, production and equitable access of tests, treatments and vaccines for Covid-19 disease.

WHO has invited countries to join this initiative and to make a voluntary commitment to support the accelerated production of vaccines, the expansion of manufacturing capability and the strengthening of delivery mechanisms.

Through the COVAX mechanism, the WHO has been trying to get the countries to pool in their resources to support the rapid development of multiple vaccine candidates. It is hoping that at least a few of them would finally be approved for public use. The countries that join the initiative would then have assured supplies of this vaccine.

The WHO aims to ensure the distribution of at least 2 billion doses of vaccines through the COVAX programme, mainly in the middle and low-income countries, by the end of 2021.A vaccine being developed in Russia is tipped to be approved by the regulatory authorities this week itself, though there is a lot of scepticism regarding the effectiveness of that vaccine.

Another Chinese vaccine is entering phase 3 trials
CanSino Biologicals, a Chinese firm, in partnership with the National Academy of Military Medical Sciences, is starting phase 3 human trials in Saudi Arabia, according to a news story in The New York Times. Interestingly, this vaccine has already been approved for the Chinese Army, well before the results of phase 2 trials have been completed. This is the only novel Coronavirus vaccine that has now been licensed, although it is intended only for restricted use, by Chinese military personnel. Read More In The Source

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