COVID 19:Response in Italy –learning from front line :Dr Fransesco Venneri

COVID 19: All front-line staff and hospital leadership please be aware and awake:

These are some very critical points i have summarized which should not to be ignored or overlooked as pointed out by an Italian Doctor Dr Fransesco Venneri ,ER consultant and Risk manager in a hospital in Tuscany ,Italy in an outbreak of COVID 19 during live online conference in collaboration with ISQua ( International society for Quality Healthcare) .COVID Response in Italy –learning from front line

1 Clear directive to all front line staff . Clear message about who will deal with the outbreak How we will do , when and how to do it . Please note wrong messages and lack of Communication can be disastrous at this moment

2 Proper evaluation of Staff: Evaluate the strength of staff who will take the max overload like ICU staff , ER staff , Pathologists , Pulmonologist etc. well in advance

3 External triage filters : To be already created in the hospitals for all patients with Flu like symptoms

4 Triaging services within services: To make sure non COVID urgent patients don’t suffer

5 PPE protocol: Clear directives about what type of mask should a patient wear and what type of mask should a healthcare worker wear. This way one can manage the logistics and does not fall short of essential supplies .Sterilization of used masks is not recommended .

6 Availability of non Invasive devices: Make sure BPAPs are readily available to provide proper care at an early stage of case management

7 Simulation activity: If you not in the stage of outbreak try simulation activities and drills to prepare for any future emergency with the front line commandos.

8 Psychological safety of staff: please ensure psychological safety of staff , Sessions with professional psychologist to deal with fatigue and stress .

9 Identity Crisis team well in advance : with a proactive and expert team leader .

10 Awareness about self-contamination: Immediately report any such mishap , contact with droplets etc

11: The enemy is invisible : So we have to fight a different war please ensure proactive risk analysis using some expert opinion


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