COVID-19: United States health care system, one of the strongest in the world, under extreme stress

The U.S. healthcare system, considered to be the best in the world, is under intense stress because of the coronavirus epidemic with medical professionals expecting thousands of patients in need of urgent treatment in the coming days, even as soccer stadiums, conference centers and horse racetracks are being transformed into temporary

New York’s health system, home to some of the finest hospitals and with a huge concentration of physicians, specialists and hospital beds, is under extreme stress with many hospitals resorting

The Army Corps of Engineers is busy on a war footing building fortunate hospitals across the country.Seattle’s CenturyLink Field Event Center is being turned into a facility for people who don’t have the coronavirus to relieve the medical burden.

Best Gen Modular, known for constructing modular structures such as hotels, told a local Rapid City news channel that it plans to construct 5,000 hospital rooms in four locationsin about 45 days.

Highlighting the lack of equipment, a news article said healthcare staff are being forced to reuse one surgical mask at the Miami Veterans Administration Hospital for a week at a time. Read more in the source