Covid-19 vaccine delivery preparations to include management of side-effects

Central government of India has directed to prepare to deal with any side effects linked to the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine for the mass immunization program next year. Initiatives that are required to further strengthen India’s current AEFI Surveillance System have been identified by MoHFW to allow timely and complete AEFI reporting for Covid-19 vaccination.

During his interaction with union territories and states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also states that ''People appear to develop a reaction even to medicines that have been in use for a very long time. There are adverse effects seen in some drugs even after 20 years or so which could also be true with the Covid-19 vaccine".

The Centre has directed states to strengthen their vaccine advisory committees and other sub-committees until the last mile to spearhead distribution of vaccines. Along with pediatricians, medical professionals will be part of the team providing vaccine shots in order to treat side effects safely and without wasting time.

The committees should include doctors from various specialists, such as cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, etc. to supervise the administration of vaccines in chronically ill high-risk populations.
The other steps being taken to ensure effective last-mile distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine include the creation of a list of population groups to prioritize the vaccine in the first process, the establishment of appropriate cold chain facilities for vaccine storage, the procurement of consumables such as syringes, etc. and practicing vaccinators who are going to give the shot, etc.

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Though already vaccines made and under trials , money is also made out of them which is also causing delay . this can also be considered as a side effect .

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