DATA ANALYTICS : How will incorporation of digital technology minimize healthcare costs?

When Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning recognizes high-risk patients it will begin to Bring down healthcare costs and thereby boost medical quality.


  • Data analysis for effective pharmaceutical incorporation in the digital health system
  • The aim needs to achieve that pharmaceutical and telemedicine are incorporated successfully with other stakeholders, such as patients, hospitals and data analytics.
  • It will be important for advanced analytics to provide access to affordable drugs.

Highlighting the importance of advanced Data analytics in providing access to cost-effective drugs Inderpreet Kambo, an industry analyst who has put forward various advanced analytical applications to enhance healthcare across the healthcare spectrum, said, "While implementing Ayushman Bharat, the NHA has acknowledged the important task of building citizens’ and caregivers’ digital health profiles.Data analytics plays the role of powerful enabler in creating a robust healthcare ecosystem.

With the help of advanced Data analytics, pharma companies can mine patient records, which often run in petabytes, and search patents, patient records, scientific publications, and clinical trials to create and ensure the effectiveness of drugs at an affordable cost.

"Data analytics will revolutionize India 's approach to healthcare delivery not only by helping with preventive management but also by playing a catalytic role in the entire care system from monitoring data to preventing an outbreak by ensuring timely medical intervention and distribution of medicines," added Inderpreet Kambo.

When reviewing health-care statistics, it is often found that a relatively small number of patients are responsible for most health-care costs. If AI and ML recognize high-risk patients, they can help to bring down healthcare costs and thus boost medical quality.

The Mission was established to make the Indian health services more efficient , effective and transparent. This mission, like Ayushman Bharat, is expected to be carried out by the NHA. The Mission may not be sufficient for a country like Indian with the allocation of Rs 470, but healthcare is up-to - date as the country is embarking on a new digital journey for the healthcare sector. Read More in the Source