Data democratization in healthcare – the API Way

When it comes to Electronic Health Records and other health data, one major complaint is that wading through all the various portals and gatekeepers can feel insurmountable.

The Open Everything Mindset – Innovate Safely and Securely with APIs

First, API-First
Healthcare providers need to move from approaching API delivery with a one-off provisioning emphasis to an API-First, APIs-as-Products culture in order for API adoption to be truly successful. This needs executive sponsorship to push a new mentality in which complete API lifecycle management with a Design First practise is driven by a shared value proposal identified by both company product owners and technical product delivery managers.

Data Ecosystem

  • Many patients would possibly need assistance to understand and make sense of the raw information found in their records.

  • The data ecosystem strategy of an enterprise needs to dovetail with the API strategy to make patients consumable and have the best option for the excellent work of data scientists.

Distributed Access/Central Governance
Using API Gateways in a hybrid environment is a reality. Healthcare providers need to have a centralised management plane with control and access for both cloud and on-site to ensure that developers are not responsible for securing interfaces.

Adoption of Norms

API adoption will help to drive standards-we need to look no further than the FHIR prevalence that has been developed to be suitable for resource management, not document management-exactly what is needed to provide versatility within a common data sharing environment.

Conclusion As with the push for Open Banking, Open Healthcare presents enormous opportunities, but a policy and governance must be in place along with an open forum to build faith in healthcare participants to put the patient, who often feels disenfranchised, back at the centre, in control of their knowledge, and ultimately their wellbeing, by an impenetrable healthcare system. Read More from source

We have the technological power and we have the demand, so what is stopping wider adoption of APIs to unlock data by healthcare providers? Discuss your views below

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