Digital health mission: Govt OKs policy for data protection

  • The Centre approved the National Digital Health Mission’s (NDHM) health data management policy, which sets out the minimum standard for data privacy security for a person and will be implemented across the board to ensure compliance with appropriate and applicable laws, rules and regulations.

  • Across the national digital health environment, the policy will serve as a guidance document (NDHE).

  • According to the paper, data collected during the NDHE will be stored at the central level, at the level of the state or Union territory, and at the level of the health facility, following the principle of minimality at each point.

  • This policy shall be read along with any law or instrument having the effect of any law, along with the blueprint, information security policy, data retention and archival policy and any other regulation that may be provided for the implementation of the NDHM," the government said This policy shall not be construed as granting any agency or individual right.

  • The provisions of this Policy shall apply to entities participating in the NDHM and those participating in the NDHE, including all entities and individuals issued with an ID under this Policy, healthcare professionals, health ministry governing bodies, NHA, relevant professional bodies and regulators.

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