Digital (health) will provide new options to help patients get better treatment and to help doctors care better for their patients: Dr. Michael Devoy

Bayer Pharmaceuticals had a free-wheeling discussion with Viveka Roychowdhury on the company’s latest collaboration with CureVac for a COVID-19 vaccine on the side of Bayer’s virtual Pharma Media Day, Dr Michael Devoy, Executive Vice President, Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance, and on how digital health fits into its business strategy, along with investments and collaborations.

Could you clarify the position of Bayer from an R&D and medical science perspective on the recent agreement Bayer has signed with CureVac? Bayer also does a lot in the area of digital health. How do these emerging modalities, digital health and AI, play a part in making medium and long-term healthcare systems more sustainable? This is the debate in India about how we are repairing our healthcare systems

It has come to the forefront of sustainability. Before, it was significant, but COVID-19 has brought this issue into focus more urgently. We need to understand how we will move our healthcare systems forward in the future and how we will make them more patient-centered and sustainable.

We are very happy with our partnership with CureVac as well. When we entered the pandemic, we embraced three guiding principles as a company to guide us through these trying times. First, Bayer made sure to do the best we could to ensure a home office for anyone who could work from home, in order to protect our employees.

Second, we provide life-saving, essential goods and in this case we ensured the continuity of supply, particularly in the early days, across healthcare and agriculture in particular. We are proud to say that we have sustained production in all our business areas.

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