Do you know Artificial intelligence, could speed up the diagnosis of brain tumors?

Tumors of the brain tend to have ambiguous symptoms, such as headache or memory problems, and the only way to diagnose them today is by a brain scan.A test can help improve the brain tumor survival by detecting chemical clues originating from brain tumors to the blood by diagnosing them faster and more efficiently.

We know that 62 per cent of the patients were treated in an emergency department despite having seen their GP many months in advance, because it is very difficult to diagnose brain tumors. Headaches could be a symptom of a brain tumor, but there is a greater probability of something else and it is not realistic to send lots of people into a brain scan even if it is a tumor.

Brain tumors are averaging 20 years to reduce life expectancy. This is the growing cancer of all.

Researchers were able to correctly identify 82 per cent of brain tumors using this test on blood samples taken from 400 patients with possible signs of brain tumors. The study has also been able to correctly identify 84% of people who had no brain tumors, which indicates that they had a low rate of’ false positive’ positives.

The test relies on an existing technique, called infrared spectroscopy, to examine the chemical makeup of a person’s blood, that can spot the chemical clues that indicates the likelihood of a brain tumor.

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