Doctors Come Under Attack in India as Coronavirus Stigma Grows

Health workers were targeted in the southern city of Bengaluru as they went door to door searching people for symptoms.**Doctors returning from an emergency shift in central Bhopal were stopped by police, suspected of spreading the virus, and hit with batons.**So much so that the government issued a public service announcement last week calling for an end to stigmatization.

The response comes from people around the country diverse social classes, sects, language groups, and geographies, making it more difficult to identify one reason why the phenomenon in India is more pervasive and severe.India is also under lockdown, where residents are forbidden from leaving their homes for any reason other than to buy food or medication or in an emergency.

Much as they discriminate against doctors because of concerns that they carry coronavirus to their families and residential buildings, they are beginning to worry if they are found to be optimistic that they will be discriminated against by their peers and their societies.

According to Dr.Manish, who goes by one name, president of the hospital’s resident doctors association, one doctor sustained a campaign by her neighbors to drive her out of her apartment.Aggarwal, president of the Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia and Oceania, said the concerns that health-care staff might spread the disease are not unfounded, noting that medical workers accounted for around 3.8 percent of reported cases in China, the epicenter of the global outbreak. Read More in the source

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