EPISODE -19 Healthcare services - Ms.Gurrit kaur sethi

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EPISODE -19 Healthcare services - Ms.Gurrit kaur sethi

Ms.Gurrit kaur sethi is an expericed healthcare professional with over 24 years spent in reputed national and international healthcare organisations like fortis healthcare, alere medical inc, Eli research and evercare leading operation and business management for hospitals and other healthcare services as operationalising new concepts. In her words, her significant achievements include bringing to life different SMEs and SBUs, catalysing a change in the indian healthcare services.

She is on the editorial board of the health magazine asian health and hospital management, and she is the strategic advisor for global health services.


  • Can you share a few innovative solutions which are the need of the hour to enable better healthcare delivery in India?

  • How important is the value chain, in current Healthcare services delivery especially in the consumerist society?

  • Compared with global healthcare services delivery, where Indian healthcare services delivery is lacking, what are your suggestions to tackle those in upcoming days?

  • What are the impacts of IT and AI in the healthcare operations department on productivity and efficiency?

  • Apart from profitability, what should be the major goal of the Healthcare organization and why?

  • Can you share your views on business efficiency improvement in healthcare organizations and the process involved in that?

  • We could see there is a difference between urban and rural healthcare delivery. Can you share your views on the reason behind that and the business opportunities that lie behind those differences?

  • Who is your inspirational person and Which is your favorite book?

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