Explain how patient-centric approach is beneficial?

Many experts believe that a patient-centered approach is essential to good healthcare. As we all know the objective of patient-centered healthcare is to empower patients to participate actively in their care. For this, physicians, radiologists and other healthcare providers should develop good communication skills to efficiently address the needs of patients. What will be the benefits of this approach? Who will be benefited Hospitals or Patients?
I like to know about this topic since its poping up a lot these days. Give your inputs on this.


As you said there is a strong belief that patient centric approach is so essential in treating patients. According to me there is mutual benefit in this.

  • Increased dedication to all participants (patients, suppliers and others), resulting in overall spending Improved awareness and appreciation of the safety, well-being and
    lifestyle decisions of the patients, leading to better treatment and lowered disease rates.
  • This enhanced knowledge can also lead to better treatment after discharge, reduced
    receptions, hospital visits and secondary consultations.
  • Healthcare providers can make better decisions regarding the health of a patient by
    partnering and involvement with patients in decision-making. Many hospitals compete for
    patients on both costs and quality of care. More competitive advantages
    *Better quality of life for patients leads to an increase in both patient and doctor
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Even i would like to know more about this. Its one of the latest aproach, hopitals are fallowing .