Future technological solutions in the domain of health care

  • Clinical trial companies like Medable and Science37 are taking on the challenge, starting on a path that will eventually lead to virtual trials.

  • Matching the right trial with the right patient is a time-consuming and challenging process for both the clinical study team and the patient.

  • Apple has the vast resources needed to help clinical trials recruit patients and monitor their health remotely.

  • The company has recently announced strategic alliances with Novartis, Otsuka, Pfizer, and Sanofi to develop new clinical research programs using the Project Baseline platform across multiple therapeutic areas.

  • Other companies like Deep6 AI are using their technology to connect to electronic medical records (EMRs) to find patients meeting a specific trial protocol.

  • Partnerships between patient organizations and technology companies are also starting to have an impact on clinical trials.

  • An antidote, a digitally focused clinical trial recruitment company, has partnered with nearly 300 patient organizations to enable patient targeting for specific trials.

  • Whether this is for new services that go beyond a pill, or developing stand-alone products, pharma companies are buying, partnering with, or beginning to compete with companies to launch tech solutions that help patients.

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