Google Cloud, Amwell foresee a 'new narrative' of virtual care

  • Instead of attempting to substitute in-person treatment, tele-health would supplement and improve it in the future, said Roy Schoenberg of Amwell, during a conversation with Aashima Gupta of Google Cloud.

  • The COVID-19 crisis demonstrated the crucial role that can be played by telehealth to ensure seamless access to treatment. But until recently, much attention has been paid to how in-person facilities could be imitated by telehealth.

Now, the industry has the opportunity to open a “new narrative” of what virtual care can look like, said Amwell President and Co-CEO Dr. Roy Schoenberg in an HLTH VRTL 2020 conversation.

In a discussion moderated by Toby Cosgrove, former Cleveland Clinic CEO, Schoenberg spoke alongside Aashima Gupta, director of healthcare solutions at Google Cloud.

In the industry, there is a collective realisation that the future won’t look like the past, “Gupta said during the discussion, predicting that” telemedicine as we know it will revolutionise “cloud and artificial intelligence.”

Three main trends about the future of health services are emerging, she said: treatment will be connected to individuals, not places; daily life will have a different care context; and human efficiency will be helped by technology such as AI and machine learning.

"Telehealth is turning a corner right in front of our eyes," Schoenberg told Healthcare IT News in a statement.

After years of attempting to match up to physical treatment, where physical and digital treatment take place in combination, rather than as an alternative to each other, the debate is heading towards reimagining the healthcare experience altogether, “he added.” Read More from the source