Health Department issues guidelines for hospitals

From patient management to measures to be taken if staff tests are positive, the Health Department has issued guidelines for private and government hospitals on the prevention and control of COVID-19.

  • All staff should be trained in the use of PPE kits, insulation, infection control, ICU and clinical management, dead body management and biomedical waste management.
  • Hand washing facilities should be available at the entrance to the hospital. After hand washing, three-layer masks should be given to all patients.
  • For people with fever and flu-like illness there should be a separate area.
  • Hospitals should have separate isolation facilities for suspected cases of COVID and SARI, and should inform the Health Department if any cases have been reported.
  • Immuno-compromised patients should preferably be given separate rooms and tested.
  • Visitors should not be allowed to stay and social distances between patients and sta should be followed.
  • Healthcare personnel should use hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for prophylaxis.
  • Staff should go on a 14-day standby duty after a week of COVID-19 duty, while those in containment areas should not be on duty.
  • Any staff with any symptoms should be sent to the home in isolation. If a health care worker is tested positive in a non-COVID hospital, he or she should be referred to the COVID care hospital and removed from the hospital.
  • Disinfection procedures should be followed and close contacts should be maintained at HCQ.Refer