Healthcare and frontline workers, elderly will need 600 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine


  • The government estimated that in high-risk sectors, there are about 3 crore healthcare workers and frontline workers who will receive the first shot of the vaccine Covid-19 as and when it becomes available in the country.
    This means that up to sixty million doses will be reserved for the first group of people who will be vaccinated, depending on the dosage regimens of different vaccines. Police officers, sanitation personnel and others will be included in the frontline workforce.

  • The elderly, with particular emphasis on those with co-morbidities, are the second group of individuals to get priority. Another 25-27 crore individuals are believed to be these, which may account for another 500-540 million doses.

  • The health authorities are calculating these figures as they plan for a massive immunization campaign to begin as soon as a coronavirus vaccine is available. The Centre will directly procure and distribute the Covid-19 vaccines from drug manufacturers to the states. State governments have a registry of healthcare staff and other frontline workers.

  • The second group of elderly people, including those with co-morbidities, will be eligible to participate in the vaccine program on a voluntary basis and will be subject to verification.

  • People in high-priority groups, selected to receive the Covid-19 vaccine first and for free, will get SMS alerts with details of their vaccination session including time, date and location and the vaccinator’s name.

  • A digital platform will track the storage, distribution and administration of Covid-19 vaccines and will also have details of priority groups to be vaccinated as informed by health ministry officials.

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