Healthcare digitalisation: key to improving access to healthcares

Private hospitals have rushed to make teleconsultations available, using artificial intelligence algorithms to screen patients, posting hospital reports to government dashboards, and mobile apps have helped people monitor health risks.

The National Digital Health Blueprint report released by the Ministry of Health, Government of India, will create a single repository of all citizens’ medical records, and the National Digital Health Mission is another Government of India initiative aiming to leverage healthcare delivery technology, which is vital steps in this direction.

**We also saw the benefit that remote monitoring technology brings through connected devices at a time when patients are unable or reluctant to go out for daily health checks. **

Our healthcare infrastructure is designed to educate and prepare healthcare professionals through behavioral science to increase adherence to medication, which in effect helps people achieve better health.

An AIIMS paper estimated that patient non-adherence to medication ranges from 24 percent for heart patients to between 50 percent -80 percent for patients suffering from hypertension.

Online technologies can play a key role in patient care by providing drug warnings, tracking compliance and linking with other apps for remote monitoring of disease conditions.

Through making strategic use of digital technology led through these principles and tracking impacts to ensure quality, India will advance rapidly towards realizing its ‘Health for All,’ dream through patient-friendly, science-driven, scalable digital initiatives that will reach out to every citizen for better health results.

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