Healthcare gets a booster dose in Andhra Pradesh

Introducing 1,088 ambulances and mobile medical units into the state’s healthcare system would be a significant benefit for residents, despite the expanded availability of modern emergency response vehicles (108) and mobile hospitals (104), which not only increases access to appropriate healthcare facilities but also decreases the likelihood of deaths in emergencies.

The government added 432 ambulances to the current 336 108 services fleet and ensured that all new ones have life support equipment that could keep patients alive before more medical treatment is received.

Though 130 ambulances have advanced life support systems, 280 have simple life support systems and, in addition, 26 neonatal ambulances with newborn intubation and ventilator facilities have been rolled out by the government for the first time.

There are currently over 700 108 ambulances operating in the state and there is one ambulance for every 70,000 inhabitants against the previous ratio of one ambulance per 1.2 lakh people.

Naidu said his administration had more than 1,800 ambulances running, including feeder ambulances. Read More