Healthcare Remains America’s Most Dangerous Profession!

In the healthcare and social services sector, violence against workers is a growing problem across the nation causing severe injuries and often resulting in death, making healthcare one of the most dangerous professions in which to work.

In 2016, the Government of Accountability Office (GOA) released a study revealing workplace violence is a serious concern for approximately 15 million healthcare workers in the United States.

  • The same GAO study reported that violence against healthcare workers is 12 times higher than the overall workforce.
  • Furthermore, the safety and health administration asserts “nearly two million American workers report being victims of workplace violence each year.”
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports “over 75% of the 25,000 workplace assaults reported annually in the United States took place in hospitals and other healthcare and social services settings.” Violent attacks are common occurrences leaving workers severely injured, or worse, dead.

what will be the solution for addressing these types of problems in the healthcare industry ?
Discuss your suggestions. Read more about a Proposed Solution With an Enforceable Standard and 1309 - Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act by visiting the link.

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So pathetic!!! Healthcare people should be aware and must do the needfull to eradicate it.
I think roll of quality and proper monitoring will help this.

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