Healthcare Startups Play An Important Role In India’s Economic Growth In 2021

  • A widening gap has emerged as a significant obstacle between the needs of care seekers and conventional health services.

  • Advanced technology not only provide healthcare professionals and professionals with opportunities, they also motivate patients.

  • Today, Indian startups are using these innovations to create locally relevant and creative digital solutions to solve healthcare challenges.

Technology Pioneering Transformation

Advanced innovations not only provide healthcare professionals and manufacturers with opportunities, they also motivate patients. Start-ups in healthcare use personalization to their benefit and upgrade preventive models and treatment to meet the needs of patients. Some primary technologies used in the healthcare environment are Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR ) and Virtual Reality (VR), Robotics and 3D Printing.

According to Traxcn numbers, the investment in Indian health technology in 2018 amounted to a striking $571 million. In addition, according to Invest India, there are around 3,225 health technology start-ups in India.

The Growth Models

Not only does India’s health consciousness, increasing income and access to insurance benefit the fastest growing market, but also because of lifestyle changes and stress-related illnesses. With initiatives such as Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY), the Indian government is also playing a major role in improving access to healthcare. By 2022, the Indian healthcare industry is estimated to be worth $372Bn by the IBEF.

Government’s Support

A major part of the centre 's ambitions for a Digital India is digital healthcare. Several initiatives have also been initiated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) to provide affordable, quality and better care and also reduce the burden of illness. The National Health Policy 2017 and Ayushman Bharat Program 2018 that discuss holistic delivery of healthcare are some main initiatives.

Innovations During Covid-19

  • The way health technology companies are looking at telehealth now is more extreme than ever. These health technology companies are pacing progress from the advantage of isolated patients with cloud-based software to patients with chronic diseases who avoid attending hospitals for a regular check-up. The much needed healthcare interactions are brought to patients and caregivers through solutions such as AR, chatbots, and voice interfaces.

  • The pandemic has exposed various gaps in healthcare infrastructure that have contributed to greater focus on the implementation of cloud services and technology of the modern century. Read More From Source