Hesitancy decreases by 10 percent as India starts COVID-19 vaccination: LocalCircles survey

While 62 percent of polled people are still reluctant to take the vaccine, the number fell from 69 percent in early January, 59 percent of whom are concerned about side effects, while 18 percent are uncertain about efficacy.

From 16-18 January, a survey conducted by LocalCircles, a group social media site, timed with the roll-out of the pan-Indian COVID-19 vaccination campaign, reportedly showed a decrease of 10 percent in the percentage of people reluctant to take the vaccine from December and early January.

Demographics of Surveys

In the January16-18 survey, 17,000+ responses were received from people residing in 230 districts of India. 67% of the respondents were men, while 33% were women. 51% of respondents came from Tier 1, 32% from Tier 2, and 17% were from Tier 3, 4 and rural districts.

Earlier surveys

Since October 2020, LocalCircles has gathered feedback from people to clarify their approach to taking the COVID-19 vaccine, aimed at understanding whether the percentage of resistance or hesitancy, along with explanations for hesitation, has risen, decreased or remains unchanged. In the October study, 61 per cent of people expressed reluctance to get the vaccine.

The declaration suggests that the government and vaccine manufacturers will resolve the concerns of the already reluctant population and get them on board in the battle against COVID-19 by making all possible details accessible transparently and easily.

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