High chance of ransomware attacks by Indian pharmaceutical companies in 2021

In India in 2021, targeted ransomware attacks on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry will surge as businesses finalize their vaccines to combat Covid-19, a new study said on Wednesday.

Companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries who have been operating in the front lines to battle the country’s pandemic are recently facing a new wave of ransomware attacks and extort demands.

Seqrite, an enterprise security solutions brand of Fast Heal Technologies, according to the ‘threat prediction 2021’ study, while few ransomware operators decided not to target the healthcare sector during the Covid-19 crisis, many other attack groups have continued to use ransomware against this sector, primarily due to the patients’ confidential and personal data they store.


In the last quarter of 2020, various hospitals, Covid-19 research firms, and pharmaceutical companies have fallen victim to ransomware, “making it necessary for them to adopt or deploy a comprehensive set of security solutions,” the results revealed, without revealing the victims’ names.

The pandemic served as a huge opportunity for cybercriminals to innovate their attack tactics further, and steal confidential data for their personal benefit," said Himanshu Dubey, Director, Fast Heal Security Labs.

For example, in 2021, new techniques such as double extort, crypto-mining, ethical hacking, etc. are expected to be widely adopted by threatening actors, he added.

In the month of October and December, there was a huge surge in cyberattacks against Indian vaccine makers and hospitals.