High court argues healthcare as Trump blocks Biden:

As Biden prepares to speak to lobby for the protection and improvement of the statute, the Affordable Care Act takes centre stage.

  • In oral arguments before the US Supreme Court, the Affordable Care Act takes centre stage Tuesday as President Donald Trump continues to refuse to concede the election and the US Congress returns to work in a lame-duck session.

  • A issue of “severability” is at stake in the high court, or whether the “individual mandate” of the ACA may be struck down as unconstitutional or whether the whole law would collapse.

  • Following the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the court has a new conservative 6-3 majority. Trump administration attorneys contend that the whole law should be considered unconstitutional.

  • “During her confirmation hearings, Barrett suggested that she is open to the debate about severability and Chief Justice John Roberts has ruled in the past that the court should use a” scalpel “not a” bulldozer.

  • If the court strikes down the entire statute, its mandate to offer coverage for pre-existing conditions to private health plans will be abolished, eventually impacting more than 100 million people. It is likely that about 20 million people will lose health insurance entirely.

  • As the nation battles against the coronavirus pandemic, Democrat Joe Biden, the winner of the US presidential election, intends to give a speech Tuesday on the imperative of preserving the healthcare rule.

  • Biden dismissed the “Medicare for All” plan proposed by socialist nominee Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries. Instead, Biden wants to introduce a “public option” to the marketplace structure of the Affordable Care Act, giving Americans a choice to pay into Medicare.

  • Meanwhile, according to a storey in The Washington Post newspaper, Trump White House officials have advised top government officials to block collaboration with Biden’s transition team.

  • The director of the General Services Administration, Emily Murphy, has declined to disclose $6.3 million in support for the Biden transition and denied Biden’s team access to officials and information from the department.Read More from source