Home healthcare: India’s new normal


The current pandemic has in several ways shifted healthcare. There has been an ongoing need to incorporate immediate and accessible healthcare, particularly digital solutions, throughout the region and the world. As we saw developments in the scope and pace of service delivery, Virtual Health was a game changer. The infectious nature of the virus and the message of ‘stay at home’ meant that new approaches to provide healthcare services had to be sought by the healthcare fraternity. All of this has contributed to the growth and development in India of telemedicine and home health services.

In 2019, the $5 billion Indian home healthcare market is forecast to rise four times to $20 billion by 2027. Post-surgical recovery at home, improvement of remote monitoring tools, growing demand for remote primary care via telemedicine platforms, and increasing geriatric population were pre-COVID-19 factors driving this type of health for all. The pandemic, however, caused the need for facilities available at any time, anywhere that involves 24/7 digital access to primary care doctors and specialists, decreased ER visits-remote care from your own home, while avoiding the waiting room and less time spent away from work or school, less transportation.

New normal: Remote / home health demand

The new standard is that demand is at an all-time high for remote / home health solutions ranging from telemedicine, home laboratory, home pharmacy, and home health monitoring. Although there was the opportunity to provide remote / home health services, the dynamic of customers changed dramatically after COVID-19. Unless it is mandatory, the propensity to postpone a hospital visit is very high, making home health almost an apparent necessity.

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