Hospital administrator freelancing service

My friend planing to start Hospital administrator freelancing service, he have two question

  1. How should be the pricing he can charge
  2. What are all the services can provide as freelancer.

It’s based on what skill set and experience you have.

There are lot of consultation opportunity’s available in hospital, based on my experience I aware few

  1. NABH/ NABL consultation.
  2. Financial consultation, to save cost of the hospital.
  3. Six sigma consultation.
  4. IT consultation.

Cost will vary according to place,
In India generally $10 to $100 per hour based on experience.

Good thinking, but practically it is difficult to implement.Hospitals Administrator job is to look out day to day activities in side and out side of the hospital and also more hectic work.Most of the hospital owner like to appoint full time person.I suggest you, you can provide outsourced HA service under your consultancy firm.but the hired person should be appointed as full time

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