How blockchain could help manage PPE allocation?

A proposal: Create a Federal Reserve-type structure for supply chain management of protective equipment, powered by distributed ledger technology

The implications of inadequate federal preparations for the public health emergency COVID-19 and mismanaged resource distribution have posed tremendous risks to frontline care providers. All critical staff, but particularly those in hospitals and other care settings, will need personal protective equipment.

Due to severe shortages, hospitals had to compel staff to reuse the single-use PPE for days or even weeks.

They will look at distribution patterns, evaluate the capacity of hospitals to change with bed management or re-allocation of doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff to changing circumstances.

World Health Organization Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said.
I propose to develop a Federal Reserve-type structure for PPE supply chain management. It would be a federally funded program that cannot be influenced by politics and would perform “stress tests” for healthcare organizations.

It can also provide visibility in critical hospital shortages, and allow r to be reallocation of resources for hospitals.

Reallocating stockpiles from hospital to hospital (with urgent need) via blockchain will minimize the need for a inventory of federal or state reserves.

In the end, this would help reduce waste by not allowing the government to maintain extremely low supplies for these hospitals.

This system would use blockchain-based artificial intelligence technology to rapidly distribute products from suppliers to hospitals and reorder supplies irrespective of the state they’re in.

Every hospital will be expected to carry a certain amount of PPE, with requirements for the minimum necessary equipment to be determined by the size of the facility, the total personnel and the population of the region it serves.Read More


Reallocation of stockpiles from hospital to hospital (with critical need) via blockchain can decrease a need for a federal or state reserve stockpile. This can ultimately help eliminate waste by not requiring the government to keep supplies for these hospitals that are critically low.

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