How can I calculate patient satisfaction index according to NABH guideline?

Hi, as per NABH guideline how to calculate patient satisfaction index and what are the hospital department we need to conduct patient satisfaction survey ?

It will be helpful if anyone share with patient satisfaction form as a example.


Dear Deepika,
you can get the comments from the patients/relative about the facilities and services. if they write good, then it can be counted as patient satisfaction. you must take only from discharged patients not from the patients who are in the hospital.
you must have the Guest Relations office in your hospital and tell them to go to the discharged patients and collect the feed back. These feed backs can be discussed with the higher officials and do the needful. after this, you can give as a statistics to NABH.


You calculate the satisfaction score for IP and OP. This depends on the input questions for both IP & OP that you have presented. The formula for the satisfaction index is equal to the maximum possible percentage of the total value achieved. The maximum possible score depends on your IP & OP feedback form.
Satisfaction Index = (Cumulative score achieved / Max.possible score) *100

Let us consider IP patients.(the same goes for OP patients

Denominator: Let’s imagine you put a few 15 feedback questions in each 5 mark question to IP patients. The total score you can give is 75 per patient like wise if you audit some 50 patients in IP the maximum possible score would be 50515= 3750. The maximum possible score varies on the no of IP patients audited.

Numerator part:Suppose a patient rated you only 60 out of 75 as he/she was not satisfied with some of your services. Likewise, in the audit you performed for a bunch of 50 patients the cumulative score you achieved was 3000.(let’s just say) , then the satisfaction index is calculated as

IP Satisfaction Index = (3000/3750)*100= 80 %

The same will be calculated even for OP.

REMEMBER the maximum score achieved completely depends on the no of feedback questions you frame and the score you allot for each question.

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throgh surveys and complaint letters . also regulating them time to time .

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Satisfaction index =(cumulative score achieved/maximum possible score )100

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