How Coronavirus pandemic will impact healthcare business?

World is badly affected by coronavirus pandemic, Lot of industries are affected very badly like airlines, restaurant, tourism etc. in like to hear healthcare professions their view on how this recession impact healthcare business.


The healthcare segment is at the center of this Coronavirus pandemic with fewer hospitals to take the current load in terms of treatment and tests to be done and with the private players too stepping in to support the government during this period, we are sure that we shall get over this great pandemic.
What this leaves us with is a 2 edged sword, on one side the private players have to ready with manpower and the needed equipment and materials to start afresh (please do remember the deep cleaning and proper fumigation is a costly affair and also the biomedical equipment and then the manpower, line items will go on) and on the other side, the patients coming to the hospital will be very selective and purposeful. The overall scenario will be on “cost factor” for any decision; this is true from every perspective both from the hospital operators’ point of view and the patient’s point of view. Decisions would be based on costs.
The overall operating model of the hospitals will now have to be relooked. Working out the right solution is crucial, at this point in time for the hospital operator and there is no one direct solution just options that have to be tuned for each unit specifically.
From the overall point of view, the best team to provide the best quality of service and output will come out as real winners.


icreased demand, fewer supply