How hospitals can meet problems regarding cybersecurity?

Though technology continues to advance to prevent errors and data breaches, cybersecurity incidents have been on the rise. This can be attributed to cyber criminals becoming more sophisticated and hospitals not having a large budget for cybersecurity solutions

To adress this what would be the measures are take away message


Hi @sh
Implementing reliable systems that meet the minimum availability and safety criteria requires considerable investment in hardware infrastructure , software, and technical staff. Even though it is necessary, not all hospitals have the capacity to take on the costs and implementation times demanded by this infrastructure.

The use of cloud computing and, more specifically, SaaS technologies (such as the ehCOS Electronic Health Record), provides several advantages but, however, creates reticence and raises concerns in healthcare organisations. The secret to a effective cloud transition, dispelling these concerns, is to incorporate data protection measures correctly before even contemplating cloud implementation.

It is therefore necessary to enforce encryption mechanisms to provide adequate protection against unauthorised access to the stored information.