How is robotics used in healthcare?

Robots are everywhere from science fiction to your local hospital, where they are changing healthcare, I wish to know in deep particularly where it is used and how it is been helpful. someone share your knowledge about this.


Digital healthcare-based automation, including robotics and artificial intelligence, could contribute significantly to the long term sustainability of health care systems and their profitability. Robots can help improve operational efficiency through administration or clinical repetition.

Robotics in healthcare is used in various places like

  • For Medical device packaging
  • In Lab automation, Neurosurgery
  • For cutting Bone
  • In Disinfecting hospital rooms
  • Telemedical network for increasing accessibility
  • Robotic assistance are helping for a better life
  • Also used in Blood-drawing and as disinfector
  • Robots help to put ‘care’ back into healthcare and so on.

Robots in medicine help by relieving medical personnel from routine tasks, that take their time away from more pressing responsibilities, and by making medical procedures safer and less costly for patients. They can also perform accurate surgery in tiny places and transport dangerous substances.

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