How long it will take to complete NABL accreditation?

Hi, we are running laboratory for last 6 years in Mumbai, we have 7 collection center and 1 processing center, we like to get NABL accreditation improve our quality and brand value, how long it will take time to get NABL accreditation?

It will take 6 months to 1 year to complete the accreditation. The track record is important when you register with NABL. Every audit must be started with trak record and the documented evidences. Now,the application is completely online. You have to submit the space details,monthly quality indicators,RCA & CAPA report, Review meeting report & Safety report. If you have all those records. You can get it done immediately.

Balaji Srinivasan


Thanks for the response Balaji, can you share the official website link for NABL.

This is the link. You can update the details.


NABL accreditation is not easy. It takes over six months to complete the process which includes three inspections by experts examining equipments, machines, standards and procedures followed, expertise of the staff etc. The NABL also reviews the RFRAC performance annually.

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Got NABL accreditation ? Or still planning for it .

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