How to manage Stock in Pharmacy during Corona Outbreak?

There Was a lack of sanitizer and personal protective equipments and how pharmacy managed to overcome?


Since corona outbreak is pandemic, there was the greater change happened in supply of these kind of essential like Alcohol hand rub solution, hand sanitizer and other
Personal Protective Equipments needed to face this condition. When we are seeing with the broader perspective, the sudden increase happened in the demand made the market collapsed in price, stock etc… Excess production has been carried out by the respective manufacturing company to meet the increased demand and it took some time to meet the equilibrium. I would like to consider pharmacy in two aspects , one is hospital’s in house pharmacy and another is small pharmacy outlets

Hospital’s In-house pharmacy

Most of the hospital have tried to source the goods those are close to them in the supply chain, to increase their stock to the maximum.
They insisted and monitored the effective usage of stock available with them , by treating them as scared resources.
They were in constant searching of alternatives and sources to meet the demand of the hospital.
They might experienced the increased operating cost due to this outbreak.

Small Pharmacy outlets

They never worried about the stock since they don’t have any pressure to maintain particular amount of stocks.
They might had some pressure regarding stock maintenance in terms of getting profit , where they can stock things and do sale them at high cost during the strong demand.
Rather than ethics in business , profitability won in most of the shops.
This outbreak doesn’t incurred any major kind of loss to them.


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One of the most serious issues to emerge has been employee safety, Dumitru said, which can be enhanced by limiting traffic in and out of facilities, including the pharmacy. During normal operations, pharmacy staff touch their drug inventory at least once a day whether ordering, refilling or other tasks, she said. During a pandemic, the safety strategy of reducing the number of trips to automated dispensing cabinets by increasing inventory of critical medicines limits staff exposure to high-risk areas of the hospital.

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